Our Inspiration

Human being perceives the importance of good health by intuition. However, our knowledge, skills, and attitude on leading a healthy lifestyle can be unimaginably diverse due to the essential differences in education, cultural background, and personal encounters. One, especially teenagers and adolescents, may easily get lost and frustrated in the sea of health advices, exotic diets, or fitness hacks which have been made handy and viral by mobile technology and social media. That said, it is believed that peer influence is prominent in the cultivation of healthy living habits.

Health-related products, services, and trainings are ubiquitous in Hong Kong but, rarely, they are founded and promoted with an essence of positive peer influence and “learning through teaching” spirit. We have therefore developed the project to fill out this the missing market component.

Design of the Logo

Our project logo is a combination of a light bulb, a brain and a heart. Why? As suggested in the project name, “Discipline” and “Healthy Lifestyle” are the two main elements that we would like to raise the public concern. The heart and the brain represent the part of physical and mental health, while the light bulb, which normally is an icon for intelligence, represents the disciplines. The six different colours in the light bulb are referring to the six disciplines involved and the six elements of healthy lifestyle in the project.