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If you are using anonymous survey, only the participant with same IP address (same device) can re-attempt the survey.

If you are sending out the survey by using the email system in Qualtrics, as the link is unique, the participant can re-attempt the survey later.

First, you need to find out the piped text where the first SID is stored, you can go to the question that you ask the SID, click on the question text and click on the piped text, select survey question > first SID question > the question name (Please refer to the following screenshot 1). After that you will see there is a code with $ appeared (screenshot 2), cut that code.

Go to the question where you need to student to re-type the Student ID, go to custom validation, select the validation as follow, the blank textbox is the place where you paste the code.

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There are two ways to preserve the survey.

1. Collaboration
Users can collaborate the survey to others, even the original account is expired. Surveys under that account will not be ceased.

2. Transfer a survey
Only survey creator can collaborate the survey with others. To have a total control of a survey, user can send a request to us with following information:

i. account name of original owner
ii. account name of the new owner
iii. The name of the survey

We will transfer the survey from the owner to the new owner.

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