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You can upload files by clicking “Add an activity or resource” and select “File”.

For larger files, you are strongly recommended to upload them to Google Drive or One Drive which features an unlimited size of cloud storage, and then share the storage link on Moodle for students’ access.

To show your teaching materials to particular/chosen students, in the activity setting, click "Restrict access" > "Add restriction" > User profile > Select "Email address" + "is equal to" + "<StudentID@life.hkbu.edu.hk>". Please note that you should select match "any" of the following instead of "all" of the following if you have more than one student.

To set the time restriction, please go to "restrict access" > "add restriction" > Date and input the time when the students will be allowed to see the file.

To share copied film clips from DVDs to Moodle, you will first have to change your videos on the DVDs to MP4 format with a video converter (e.g. format factory) on a PC with DVD player.

You may download format factory on http://www.pcfreetime.com/formatfactory/index.php

To log the number of students who have watched your uploaded videos, you can check the "Analytics Graphs" function on Moodle.

Simply click the gear at the top right corner of the page, and then select "More..." > "Report" > “Content Accesses”. The number of students who have accessed the contents will then be shown.

Besides, if you click the green bar, you will be able to know which students have accessed the teaching materials, while the red bar reveals the remaining of the class.

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You can post an announcement in the courseroom and publish it.

By default, the announcement will be sent to students with 30 minutes delay. If you would like to send immediately, check the option "Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay" under attachment.

Also, please be reminded not to enter special characters or emoticons to the message or errors may occur.

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You can enroll him/her as a "Teaching Assistant". "Teaching Assistant" has the same right as a teacher on the system.

You can click participants and select "enroll".

Please be reminded to assign "Student" role to the students.

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ZOOM plugin

As Moodle requires our students to login before use, their login details will be forwarded to ZOOM with their own names. After the meeting session, ZOOM will generate an attendance report which shows the attendees of the ZOOM meeting. After you schedule a meeting on ZOOM, students will only need to click on the ZOOM plugin for joining the session.

Teachers who prefer their students to use a password for joining their ZOOM meetings/online classes will need to provide a password for their students via Moodle announcements.

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