Towards a Paradigm Shift to Assessment of the Learning Process and Application of Cross-disciplinary Knowledge


Learning is moving from domain knowledge-based models to interaction- and progress-based models. Pedagogies and assessments will take on a more “open” and participatory approach from the outset, and an extensive use of formative feedback is expected. With the advancement in technology, and the recent massive transition to online learning and teaching, it might be opportune for the university community to rethink assessment approaches and strategies.

To initiate discussion on a paradigm shift to a new assessment model, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) are conceiving a project to try out some innovative assessment approaches in the coming academic year. To further articulate the project agenda and have an initial trial of producing some project deliverables, the two universities are going to kick-start a series of events under an “Advanced Study Institute” (ASI). The ASI aims to be a gathering place for specialists in assessment (acting as External Consultants), and participating course instructors to have focused discussion, hands-on workshops, and experience sharing. The inaugural seminar will be focusing on the scope, trends, and paradigm shift in the field of assessment.