Self-help Guide for MOODLE Users

Known Issue in Moodle Quiz
(Automatic Logout after Long Time Idling)

There could be situations when students fail to submit their completed work in Moodle Quiz, either due to exhaustion of time allowance or simply the fact that they forgot to click the "Submit" button. This document thus serves to provide a solution to this problem/bug in Moodle Quiz, so that students’ effort/attempts in your Quizzes would not go in vain.

I. How to Retrieve Students’ Attempts in your Moodle Quizzes?

You can check the response history of your students in Moodle Quiz with the following steps:
Log into your Moodle account and go to the Quiz of your selected course. Then, click "Attempts: XXXX" as shown below.
Below is a list of the quiz-taking records of your students. Select a student and click "Review attempt" to view his/her response history to your Quiz.
After clicking "Review attempt", you can then view the response history of this particular student to each question of your Quiz, so that their effort would not be gone for nothing.
Teachers are strongly recommended to list their Quiz questions in separate pages, since students’ answers/attempts would only be saved and thus retrieved after they click the "Next" button on each page.

II. How to View the Past Activities of Your Students on Moodle?

You can check the past learning activities of your students on Moodle with the following steps:
Go to the front page of your course and click
and "More", followed by "Reports" as shown below.
Click "Logs" under "Reports" to view the past activities of a particular student
(including his/her quizzes taken, assignment completed, course module viewed)
You can then filter the displayed results by choosing an activity (e.g. Quiz) and clicking "Get these logs".

An Excel report of the filtered results could be generated by clicking "Download".