Self-help Guide for MOODLE Users

How to Assign Breakout Rooms Manually in ZOOM?

This self-help guide provides teacher with instructions on how to assign breakout rooms manually in ZOOM for online group project discussion among his/her students according to pre-assigned grouping.
Useful tip - Courtesy of Dr. Ho Yan KWAN, Department of Marketing, School of Business, HKBU
Teacher to sign in his/her ZOOM session as host for creating and managing the breakout rooms.
Guide his/her students to follow the two steps below for changing their displayed names after joining the ZOOM session.
  1. Click "..." of the box showing student’s own name for more options, and then select "Rename".
  2. The student should then enter his/her name, together with his/her pre-assigned project group number, in the dialogue box shown below. For example, "1 - Chan Tai Man" shall represent the student belongs to Group 1. Then, click the "Rename" button to save.

    This would allow teacher to sort his/her students according to the group number.
Click the "Breakout Rooms" icon.

Then, select "Manually" and click "Create Breakout Rooms" as shown below to choose the number of rooms to create and manually assign students or other participants to each of the individual rooms.

For manual assignment of students, click the "Assign" button in each Breakout Room to assign students to the Rooms according to their group numbers.
Finally, click “Open All Rooms” to start the meeting/group discussion.