Self-help Guide for MOODLE Users

Scheduling Online Classes via ZOOM on Moodle (For MAC Users)


For the best experience, please make sure you open the ZOOM plugin by using Firefox or Chrome, and WITHOUT logging into any email system at the same time.

For first-time users

You are required to acquire the HKBU ZOOM Pro License by logging into with your SSOid.

If you already have a ZOOM account, you will be asked to migrate that account to the HKBU one. The migration is a one-off process and you will receive a confirmation email from ZOOM (“Switch to the new account”) after it is done.
Go to
HKBU colleagues : “HKBU Moodle” | SCE colleagues : “SCE Moodle”
Click “HKBU Staff/Student Login” and enter your SSOid and Password
Login to Moodle and go to Moodle course page.
In the course page, turn "Edit mode" on (Original: Turn editing on).
Click “Add an activity or resource” to add a new activity for your course
Select “External tool”
Input the activity name e.g. Online class
Select “Zoom Video Conferencing” under the Preconfigured tool box
Click “Save and return to course”
After saving the configurations, click the activity to set up a ZOOM online class
** This step only applies to users who receive the message of “Cookies are not supported.”

If you recieve this message, click "Open a new window" to allow ZOOM to open its own browser window/tab. You may ignore the message "Cookies are not supported. Please refresh this page" which appears afterwards.
To schedule new ZOOM online class, click “Schedule a New Meeting”

To set up a ZOOM online class (a "meeting"):

Topic: Enter a descriptive name for your meeting in the “Topic” box e.g. eLearning Training
When: Enter the date and starting time of the meeting.
Duration: Enter the duration of the meeting.
(Optional: Select Recurring meeting if you want this meeting to be held regularly [e.g., weekly].)

Meeting Options

Require meeting password: You can enable and set your meeting password here if required. Participants will be required to enter the password before joining your scheduled meeting if you enable it.

Enable join before host: Allow participants to join the meeting without your presence or before you join.
Mute participants on entry: Enable this if you want to mute all participants as they join the meeting.
Use Personal Meeting ID: Enable this if you want to use your Personal Meeting ID. If not selected, a random unique meeting ID will be generated.
Record the meeting automatically: Enable this if you want the meeting to be automatically recorded. Select if you want it to be recorded locally (to your computer) or to the cloud (

The recorded meetings saved on the cloud will be removed after 120 days due to limited cloud storage. Please backup the recordings to the local computer after use.
Confirm the details of the online class (meeting)
You can start running the online course by clicking “Start” any time before the scheduled period