Self-help Guide for MOODLE Users

Scheduling Online Classes via Webex on Moodle

The University has subscribed Cisco Webex as a backup video conferencing software. Please open the Webex plugin using Firefox or Chrome for better viewing effect.

Note: About recording in Webex please go to here
Go to
HKBU colleagues : “HKBU Moodle” | SCE colleagues : “SCE Moodle”
Click “HKBU Staff/Student Login” and enter your SSOid and Password
Login to Moodle and select the course under “My Course”
Click “Turn editing on
Click “Add an activity or resource” to add a new activity for your course

Select “External tool” from the activity list, then click “Add” to confirm
Input the Activity name e.g. Online class
Select “Webex” under the Preconfigured tool box
Click “Save and return to course”

After saving the configurations, click the activity to set up a Webex online class

ONLY for the First time

Click “Sign in with Webex Meetings” with your SSOid and accept the request for permission

To schedule a new Webex online class, click “New Meeting”


To set up a Webex online class (a "meeting"):

Name: Enter a descriptive name for your meeting in the “Topic” box e.g. Class
Meeting date: Enter the date and starting time of the meeting.
Recurrence (Optional): Select “Recurring meeting” if you want this meeting to be held regularly [e.g., weekly].
You can :
  • Start the meeting by clicking “Host”
  • Edit the details of the meeting, e.g. date and time, by clicking “Edit” (Editing function is not available for recurrence meetings)
  • Delete the meeting by clicking “Delete”