Self-help Guide for MOODLE Users

Recording in Webex Meetings

Please note that auto-recording meetings is available in Webex plugin on Moodle.
You can EITHER enable "Automatic recording" OR Record manually in meetings.

Automatic recording when scheduling

Go to Webex plugin on Moodle.
"New Meeting" -- "Show Advanced Options" -- Check "Automatically start recording when the meeting starts"

Record manually in meetings

In your Webex class/meeting, start the recording manually by pressing the "Record" button, and select the location you would like to save the recording, e.g. in cloud or on your local computer.
To manage your recordings, please go to Webex plugin on Moodle and click “Recordings”
For managing your recording, please click
Click “Copy” then “View Recording”
Click “Sign In” and input your SSOid
to enter the setting of “Share Recording”

You can disable sharing to the public by turning off “Public Link”.