Self-help Guide for MOODLE Users

Group Choice

You can allow students can enroll themselves in the group you have created.
(Please make sure you have created Groups before using this function)
To form a group, please define how many groups you would like to create
Go to Course: Action
> User > Group
  • Create group: create group manually in Moodle
  • Auto-create groups: create group automatically and randomly
  • Import groups:using a text file to import the groups
In the Course Page, click "Turn editing on".
Click "Add an activity or resource"
and select "Group choice".
  • Allow enrollment to multiple groups: Allow the students can select more than one group
  • Publish results: When to show the student result
  • Privacy of results: Let student know about the student who has already enrolled into the group
  • Limit the number of responses allowed: Number of student in group

  • Selected Groups: Groups for student selection